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Residential Five Star Dealer Program
AmeriGas wants to increase your revenue with an AmeriGas propane dispensing station. Our Five Star Dealer Program helps you build a profitable propane business, complete with expert installation and support, comprehensive marketing solutions, consumer safety and recognition and incentives for you, our propane dealers.

Expert Installation and Support
Our experienced team makes it simple for you to set up your propane filling station and run it seamlessly. Our team will train your personnel in the proper care and maintenance of your filling station, the safe handling of propane, the correct way to fill a cylinder and safety guidelines for your workplace. AmeriGas will also provide ongoing services, such as automatic propane delivery scheduling, 24-hour emergency service and new employee training.

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions
The AmeriGas brand is admired and trusted by your customers. You send your customers a powerful message that you care about service, safety and quality when you endorse our brand. The combination of our powerful brand name and our turnkey program will give you the competitive edge to increase store traffic, produce substantial profits and generate an attractive return on your investment.

Twice a year you will receive the Star Views Newsletter, which will keep you up to date on the latest industry news, provide valuable propane marketing tips and techniques, and inform you about other dealers' success stories and how to apply them to your business.

Consumer Safety
AmeriGas offers you a variety of consumer education and safety materials. Safety is our #1 priority. Our literature and signage advises consumers about Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) regulations and general propane safety. Additional resources include this web site, consumer safety brochures and OPD education posters.

Dealer Recognition and Incentives
As an AmeriGas propane dealer, you are a valued business partner and we want to recognize our leading dealers for sales and service excellence. Dealers can achieve "All Star" status and an elite group of dealers are recognized as "Dealers of the Year." Both types of special recognition are based on superior sales, marketing and customer service. AmeriGas will reward those dealers who receive special recognition.

AmeriGas can provide you with a program to increase revenue and customer base in an area as small as a few parking spaces. Enroll in the Five Star Dealer Program today and see how easy it is to become an AmeriGas propane filling station and reap the countless benefits.

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