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AmeriGas Propane Exchange

Hazardous Symbol National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Regulations
The NFPA requires that every refilled propane tank be equipped with an Overfill Prevention Device (OPD). This code went into effect for most states on April 1, 2002. An OPD is a safety device designed to prevent the overfilling of a propane tank through a float valve that closes when the propane level reaches 80%. This obstructs undesirable gas venting. Additionally, the OPD stops gas flow when the tank is not connected.

Although the OPD is not visible to the naked eye, a simple method of distinguishing whether or not your propane tank is outfitted with one is to look at the valve hand wheel that is located on top of the tank. This hand wheel should be in a unique triangular shape.

If your tank does not have this triangular-shaped hand wheel, then it does not have an OPD. Simply bring your non-OPD tank to an AmeriGas Propane Exchange Location near you to exchange it with a new AmeriGas Propane Exchange tank that is OPD equipped and safety compliant.

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