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My AmeriGas Bill

How to Read My AmeriGas Bill

How do I read my AmeriGas invoice?

Reading My Amerigas Commercial Bill

1. Return This Portion - Detach and return this portion with your payment to AmeriGas. Remember to write your account number on your check.

2. Address Correction
- If your address is incorrect, check the box, and write your correct address on the back of the Invoice.

3. Amount
- The amount shown due for this invoice only. This amount does not include the previous balance.

4. Due Date
- Payment for the current invoice charge is due on this date.

5. Amount Paid
- Enter the amount you are enclosing as payment.

6. Previous Balance
- Your account balance prior to the current invoice amount.

7. Amount
- The total amount due.

8. Invoice Activity
- The type of charges or credits incurred are described in this section.

9. Total for this Invoice
- The total amount for this invoice only. This does not include any previous balance or credit.

10. Inquiries
- Please call this number for all customer service inquiries.

11. Message Area
- Important messages are listed here on where you can direct compliments or how to contact a representative to suggest service improvements. Special promotion messages are also listed in this section.

Click on the sample invoice to increase the size for easier viewing.

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