Type in your typical vehicle life (in miles), fuel economy and number of years the vehicle is kept in your fleet. From there, this ROI Calculator will automatically calculate how much money you can expect to save by operating the vehicle on propane autogas instead of gasoline.

  Propane Gasoline
Vehicle and Engine type
Propane conversion cost or upgrade
Estimated miles per gallon
Estimated miles per year
Estimated gallons per year
Current Estimated Price per gallon w/o tax credit * 1
Volumetric excise tax credit **
Estimated annual fuel cost
Estimated annual fuel cost savings
Estimated total 5 year fuel cost
Estimated fuel cost per mile
Estimated total 5 year fuel savings
Loss of fuel through theft
Estimated maintenance reduction savings per mile
Total fuel cost per mile
Variations for MPG are expected based on numerous factors
Propane fuel price is an estimate, not a quoted price, and is subject to change

* Price is an estimated price (your price may vary)
** Approved for 2013
1 State & Federal Road Taxes are not included