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Round 1 of the 2014 Propane Playoff

Round 1 action of the 2014 Propane and Propane Accessories Bracket is now complete!  The competition was fierce but teams gave it their all to advance their dream of being crowned the propane king. Several upset have led some (me) to question the seeding of the tournament committee (me again) but this wouldn’t be any fun without some controversy. Below you’ll find the full sweetest sixteen in propane and a recap of the games (winners in bold).

2014 Propane and Propane Accessories Bracket - Round 1

2014 Propane and Propane Accessories Bracket – Round 1 Results

Appliance Region

  • #1 Grill vs. #8 Tiki Torch – Blowout win for Grilling here.  The Grills showed their strong offense with delicious food while it seemed like the tiki torches were more interested in standing around and looking nice.
  • #2 Furnace vs. #7 Weed Burner – These two flame-throwers dueled it out until the end, but staying warm prevailed and Furnaces advance to the next round.
  • #3 Water Heater vs. #6 Pool Heater – The water heaters came out tough, but the allure of a warm pool beat out the vaunted hot bath defense.
  • #4 Stove vs. #5 Tankless Water Heater - Not even a close game!  Tankless Water Heaters probably should have been a higher seed, they can just keep going and going and going (and going) with hot water.

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The 2014 Propane and Propane Accessories Bracket

Introducing the AmeriGas 2014 Propane and Propane Accessories Bracket!  It seems like brackets are all the rage around this time of year in March, so we wondered what one would look like if you put all the best parts about propane together.  So we put together four regions (or categories) and seeded them with a list of items.

Over the next few weeks (while you’re watching your other brackets), we’ll pick some winners and have some fun crowning a propane champion.  Yes, it’s subjective (it’s our website after all), but we’ll give some rationale behind our decisions and hopefully you’ll learn a little more about each one.  Read on to understand the “regions” and seeding and send us your comments and suggestions for who should win.

Propane and Propane Accessories Bracket

The 2014 Propane and Propane Accessories Bracket – a match-up of the best our industry has to offer.

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AmeriGas’ Airborne Team Delivers

Members of the AmeriGas Airborne Volunteer Team

The Airborne Team is a select group of AmeriGas employees recruited to assist in delivering propane in specific areas of the country where help is needed most due to extreme weather conditions. This team gives us extra capacity to meet customer needs at critical times, and it can make all the difference. Recently, Work Truck Magazine Online, wrote an article covering  how our Airborne Team came through for our customers most in need.

When unforeseen circumstances leave plants struggling to keep up with propane deliveries and serve customers, at AmeriGas, teamwork extends beyond area and regional boundaries through the company’s “Airborne Team.”

The Airborne Team is a coordinated volunteer program to help deliver gas in areas hit by snow storms or hurricanes. As of mid-February, 51 Airborne volunteers had put in 765 days assisting 31 districts in need across 15 states.

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UPS Expands Alternative Fuel Fleet 32% With 1,000 Propane Trucks

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United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) said it will spend $70 million to buy 1,000 delivery trucks powered by propane and build 50 fueling stations as it expands one of the largest private alternative-energy fleets in the U.S.

The trucks will replace gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles in rural areas of Louisiana and Oklahoma, with future expansion to other states, according to plans the Atlanta-based company will make public later today. Propane is cheaper and burns cleaner than those traditional fuels.

The propane trucks will expand by 32 percent the company’s global fleet of 3,150 alternative-fuel and advanced-technology vehicles, which includes electric, hybrid electric and compressed and liquefied natural gas models. UPS operates more than 96,000 vehicles to deliver small packages.

“Propane is less volatile than gasoline or diesel, it’s nontoxic and is a clean-burning fuel, which is what got us very interested,” Chief Operating Officer David Abney said in an interview. “It’s really ideal for rural areas and locations where we have smaller fleets.”

Propane costs about $1.25 to $1.50 a gallon less than gasoline or diesel and gets similar mileage, Abney said. UPS may consider expanding its U.S. propane-vehicle fleet, in part depending on the expense for fueling stations, he said.

Photographer: Ken James/Bloomberg

United Parcel Service Inc. already operates about 900 propane-fueled vehicles in Canada.

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Offer Propane Refill Services

By providing propane, you maximize your profit and offer the best value for your customers. Here are 5 reasons why your business should offer Propane Refill services:

1. Convenience.
Providing propane enhances a convenient one-stop shopping experience for your customers. It also increases store traffic and cross-sell opportunities adding to more profits for you.

2. Maximize Your Profits.
Provide your customers with another reason to visit your location; it all adds up! Offering cylinder refill doesn’t just mean refilling grill cylinders. It also enables you to refill all types of portable propane cylinders to fulfill your customer needs including: motor homes, patio heaters, campers, builders, lawn mowers, plumbers, roofers and more.

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A New Look for AmeriGas Propane Exchange

You may have noticed our sleek new look for our propane exchange tanks. Don’t worry – it’s still the same great tanks and propane, just with a facelift.  In the spirit of this change, we thought we would take you on a trip down memory lane to show you have we have changed over time, to fit the needs of valued AmeriGas customers, like you!



Since the beginning of AmeriGas in 1959, we have sought to provide our customers with the most reliable, safest and most responsive propane service in the nation. By 1997, we wanted to find a way to bring more value to you, the customer, much like we did with propane applications for your home and business.

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Alternative Clean Transportation Webinar: Basics of Alternative Fuel Station Design

Considering alternative fuel vehicles for your fleet? Learn from public and private fleet managers that have been down this road before. The Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo webinar series provides a small preview of the fleet-focused educational content that will be offered at ACT Expo 2014, May 5-8. The conference will showcase dozens of fleet case studies, the latest OEM technologies, fueling infrastructure solutions, total cost of ownership, zero-emission vehicle trends, and more across all alternative fuels and weight classes.

Register to participate in a free one-hour webinar on February 26 to learn the Basics of Alternative Fuel Station Design. Learn how to develop cost-effective and operationally sound charging and fueling infrastructure for your fleet operations. Attendees will gain insights on developing specifications and performance requirements, vendor selection and project cost estimating, permitting and code compliance, fuel procurement and contracting options, personnel training, and more.

If you’re considering propane autogas or other alternative fuels for your fleet, the upcoming Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo webinar is designed for you! Taking place Wednesday, February 26, this free webcast will cover the “Basics of Alternative Fuel Station Design” for propane autogas and other alternative fuel vehicles. The ACT Expo webinar series is geared toward fleet managers looking for a step-by-step guide to successfully and cost effectively deploy alternative fuel vehicles, and offers a preview of the educational sessions taking place at ACT Expo this May 5-8 in Long Beach, California.

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New for Construction Jobsites: Solar/Propane Lighting

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) and Magnum Power Products have teamed up to create a new lighting source for jobsites. It’s a solar-power light tower with a propane-fueled backup called the Magnum MLT4000S Solar Hybrid Light Tower. This product allows the jobsite to have consistent lighting if necessary, and contractors know that every time they flip the switch, they will get an equally reliable product compared to the ones they are used to running. The solar panels charge the light tower’s battery, and in the case the battery’s power is run-down, the propane-backup generator will kick in to recharge the battery, ensuring continuous operation.

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Metro Lawn Loves Roush Drag Racing!

Susan Roush-McClenaghan’s propane powered Mustang.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, it’s only right to take a minute to talk about something Metro Lawn loves – like our Roush Drag Racing team. Spring is just around the corner and that means racing season is gearing up. Who doesn’t love racing season? From drag racing to NASCAR, race fans all over the world love the fast cars, the incredible speed and even the smell of burnt oil you’ll find at any racetrack.

What do we love about Roush Drag Racing? Drivers Susan Roush-McClenaghan and Donnie Bowles are the only team to compete with propane, and have proven it is a highly competitive racing fuel. Roush-McClenaghan states; “When it was first announced (we were using propane), many thought the idea Roush fielding a propane-fuel drag car was a bit of a gimmick. We all understand that propane burns cleaner than gasoline, but can it really be competitive on the race track?”

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Propane Demand Highest in Decades

Wintry weather is nothing new to us – we have been safely and reliably delivering to our customers in all 50 states through the coldest of winters for decades. But due to the unusual weather most of the country is experiencing, we wanted to update you on what we are doing to ensure your propane needs are met. As our customer, you can be confident that your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are our primary concerns. We invest heavily in our equipment, systems and employees each year to ensure that we are safe, responsive and reliable, no matter the weather.

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