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Using AccuGas®

AccuGas Remote Tank Monitoring Service

Installation Process

Once you have signed up for AccuGas service, a trained technician will install the AccuGas equipment on your propane tank. There is no charge for this installation. The equipment is typically installed in under 15 minutes, including a full system test to ensure that the equipment is working properly and the service is properly reporting tank level data to AmeriGas.

Once the installation is done, you'll see the AccuGas transmitter mounted on your propane tank. The device looks similar to a household smoke detector. A cable connects the AccuGas device to a new gauge on your tank to read the level. The equipment is completely sealed, battery powered and maintenance-free, designed for years of reliable operation.

How It Works

The AccuGas service reads and records your tank level multiple times every day. If a low level is detected at any one of those readings, a priority notification is sent to AmeriGas. From there, an alert is created for your local office to schedule a propane delivery. Additionally, the complete set of tank level and usage data is transmitted to AmeriGas at regular intervals so that we can be more responsive to your needs. The information is transmitted via a secure, cellular network providing a reliable communication path to AmeriGas. Although you can be confident that we'll be watching your level, you can still read the gauge directly on your tank.