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Frequently Asked Questions

AccuGas Remote Tank Monitoring Service

What is AccuGas®?

AccuGas is a service from AmeriGas that digitally measures the level of your propane tank at regular intervals. The collected information is then wirelessly transmitted to AmeriGas via a secure cellular network. In the case that a low tank level is detected, a priority notification is sent to our data center for processing.

How will AccuGas improve my propane delivery service?

AccuGas service reports precise tank levels to AmeriGas, providing us with the information to respond to variability or increases in your propane usage by automatically scheduling deliveries.

Is AccuGas available to all AmeriGas customers?

AccuGas is currently available to both residential and commercial customers in select areas only. To determine if AccuGas is available in your area, please provide your information in our short Getting AccuGas form. Additionally, customers that currently call for deliveries ("will-call" service), will need to switch to automatic deliveries (auto-fill service) to use AccuGas.

Will installation disrupt my schedule or my business?

You do not need to be at home or on site for the installation of AccuGas equipment. The installation normally does not require any access to the inside of your home or business, unless notified in advance, only to the tanks where deliveries are made. Customers who own their own propane tanks will need to sign an agreement giving AmeriGas permission to modify the equipment before installation can take place.

How long does it take to install AccuGas?

Our trained technicians typically install the AccuGas equipment in under 15 minutes. They will leave information on site confirming that the installation has been completed and the service is working properly.

Can I still read the gauge on my tank?

Yes, you can still read the gauge on your tank. As part of the AccuGas installation, the current gauge will be swapped out with new one that includes a digital component for the AccuGas equipment. You will see a wire between the gauge and AccuGas transmitter, however you can continue to read the gauge as always.

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?

You can have an AccuGas specialist contact you. Alternatively you can contact your local AmeriGas office for more information.

What happens with my AccuGas data?

AmeriGas strives to provide the utmost protection for our customers' privacy. No one outside of AmeriGas can access your usage information and we do not share the data with anyone else.

How does AccuGas equipment transmit data?

AccuGas monitoring equipment uses cellular (GSM) technology to wirelessly transmit your usage securely to us. This is the same technology as found in millions of mobile phone worldwide with the transmitted usage data akin to a secure text message.

Is there any maintenance that must be performed on the AccuGas equipment?

There are no customer-serviceable components on AccuGas equipment. AccuGas equipment is ruggedly designed to withstand harsh conditions outdoors for many years including a long-life battery. Trained AmeriGas technicians will ensure that the equipment is maintained and working properly.

How will I be billed for AccuGas?

There is no charge for installation. AccuGas will be billed in a single, annual invoice for the upcoming year of service.