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AmeriGas Acquisition Program

New Business Development - Questions (Q) & Answers (A)

Q: Would AmeriGas be interested in acquiring my propane company?

A: We would like to talk to you if your company has:
  • Loyal customer base
  • Profitable operations
  • Future earnings growth potential
  • Stable revenue and cash flow
  • Overall policy of company-owned tanks
  • Sales to various market segments, (e.g., residential, commercial, agricultural, motor fuel, etc.)
  • No contractual prohibitions

Q: Why should I consider selling to AmeriGas?

A: We approach every acquisition with creativity and integrity. We have developed a highly flexible program that has proven attractive to a great many sellers with a wide variety of needs.

Q: How does the acquisition process work?

A: Our procedures reflect our intent to be thorough and decisive while honoring your confidentiality. We will:
  • Emphasize discretion while reviewing your company‚Äôs operations
  • Hold in strict confidence all sensitive discussions and information
  • Respond in a timely manner to all issues and questions
  • Work with you to complete a smooth transaction without unnecessary delays

Q: How can AmeriGas help me get the best possible deal?

A: AmeriGas has worked hard to formulate a range of compensation options that we believe are unique in the propane industry.
We will be pleased to work with you and your tax advisor to create a mutually advantageous structure.

Q: What will happen to my employees if I sell to AmeriGas?

A: While every acquisition is unique, we typically hire most, if not all, of the employees of the companies we acquire.
As AmeriGas employees, workers receive an attractive compensation and benefits package that is among the best in the industry.
Our employees also have unlimited opportunities for advancement based on their performance, skills and talents.